A bot that make your translation faster,easier & more reliable

Instant Translator is a Facebook bot that supports more than 20 languages and currently it's the biggest translation bot on facebook. Instant Translator also exists on Viber. Instant Translator is a product of Gee Solutions.

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Translate faster , Communicate more.

Why Instant Translator?

With It's extreme speed , Instant Translator will translate for you any sentence in less than 2 seconds , Making it very helpful during conversations on Facebook & Viber.

Instant Translator supports currently 10 languages and there are more languages coming which makes it suitable to be used by anyone in the world to chat with the whole world.

Frequently asked question

On Facebook , just send a message to the page Instant Translator and the bot will guide you with instructions. On Viber , send a message to the public account of Instant Translator and it will guide you also.
You can either tap on the Change Language from the menu you will or write "Change Language" and the bot will give you the languages choices. You can also write the language name immediately.
We work all the time to add more languages , Write for us on the Facebook page or on our email info@geesolutions.ae and we will be working to add your language.